Realtime Data Comparison

This chart compares the data from our Davis 6163 Vantage Pro 2 Plus and our AcurRite 1036.
The Davis data is updated every 10 seconds and the AcuRite data every 18 seconds.

Temperature in °F   -   Humidity in %    -    Barometric Pressure in inHg   -    Wind in MPH   -    Rain in "   -    Cloudbase in ft

Field Description Davis Value Acurite Value
Observation Date / Time P03
Outside Temperature (current) P07
Temperature Trend (change over last hr.) P0E
Temperature Trend (text) P08
Apparent Temperature P26
Wind Chill P28
Heat Index P27
Today's High Temp P67
Today's High Temp Time P68
Today's Low Temp P69
Today's Low Temp Time P70
Humidex P97
Relative Humidity P29
Relative Humidity Trend (change over last hr.) P0F
Relative Humidity Trend (text) P30
Dewpoint P25
Barometric Pressure (current) P11
Pressure Trend (change over last hr.) P0G
Pressure Trend (text) P12
Today's High Pressure P71
Today's High Pressure Time P72
Today's Low Pressure P73
Today's Low Pressure Time P74
Wind Speed P22
Current Wind Direction P20
Wind Bearing (Degrees) P21
High Gust Last 15 Minutes P0O
Today's High Gust P23
Today's High Gust Direction P7A
Today's High Gust Time P76
Rain Today P15
Current Rain Rate (per hour) P18
Date of Last Rain P84
Cloud Base P31